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(Neuropsych Evals & Pre-Bariatric Surgery)

Dr. Emily offers comprehensive testing services that are tailored to each individual's needs. Testing is a non-invasive process using a variety of written and verbal tasks that are completed while seated at a table. These tests can be paper-and-pencil and/or computerized. All testing is performed by Dr. Emily.


The testing process typically involves filling out an information packet ahead of time and/or in the clinic, followed by a .5 to 1.5 hour interview, and then testing that takes 2-6 hours. The report is typically completed within 10 days, after which we meet for a 1 hour feedback appointment.


$2,300 is the cost for an entire assessment, from intake through feedback. I am not in network with any insurance company; this is because I don't want the insurance company to make decisions about the limits on how much time or testing you get, and I am able to spend more time doing the work for you rather than for the insurance company. You pay when you schedule your appointment. At the end of the assessment, you are provided a specialized receipt (called a "superbill") that you may send to your insurance for potential reimbursement, and most people who see me get some reimbursement for the evaluation from their insurance company. You can choose to contact your insurance ahead of time and ask about "out of network coverage" for a neuropsychological evaluation [e.g., what are the reimbursement rates for the (see below) codes, how much your deductible is, if they require you to get an official referral sent to Dr. Emily (like from a primary care doctor), and how to submit a claim with a receipt/superbill]. Dr. Emily's NPI# is 1902203490.

No waiting months and months for an appointment or results!


Testing Dr. Emily Does:

Neuropsychological Testing

Typically, this testing is looking at memory, attention, language, intellectual function, problem-solving, processing speed, behavior, mood, and other functions. This testing is used to diagnose and manage conditions like Alzheimer's disease, dementia, brain tumors, stroke, mild cognitive impairment, epilepsy, learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, multiple sclerosis, and others, for adults.

Codes used: 

  • Interview: 90791

  • Testing: 96136 (1st 30 minutes) + 96137 (for each added 30 minutes - usually 5-9 units)

  • Services: 96132 (1st hour) + 96133 (each added hour - usually 3-4 units)

Bariatric Pre-Surgery Testing

Planning to have bariatric surgery? Folks are often referred to complete a "behavioral health" or "mental health" evaluation before taking that step. The reasons: (1) this evaluation might be required by your insurance company, your surgical team, or both (2) to increase chances of long-term weight-loss success and reduce risk of negative surgical outcomes. Most of this testing is question-and-answer and filling out forms.

*This evaluation can be done over video in SD

(*when you book your appointment, please write you prefer video and Dr. Blegen will set it up)

Codes used:

  • Interview: 90791

  • Services: 96130 (1st hour) + 96131 (each added hour - usually 4-7 units)

Questions as to whether testing is right for you?

You can call Dr. Emily at 605-636-8288, or fill out this form and Dr. Emily will contact you
Safety Statement: If you are experiencing a medical or mental health emergency, or have thoughts about suicide, please immediately contact your local emergency department.

Thanks! Check your "trash" if you don't see an email from

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